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Virginia Lockman

Professional Summary

Former garden athlete with well-rounded skills in chilean peso unidades de fomento and microsoft office. Charismatic, outgoing and driven to motivate others to succeed in achieving goals. Seeking role at established, high-profile company in health and fitness industry. Talented Head Basketball Coach adept at recruiting top athletes, training players and administering program operations. Strategic and decisive leader with an unsurpassed work ethic and dedication to the players. Ready to bring 14 years of progressive experience to an expanding program. Dedicated Baseball Coach passionate about the game and adept at leading a high-quality program. Effective at collaborating with team, families and other coaches to enable fun, challenging and well-supported competitions. Pursuing a new professional challenge with a growing team. Bilingual Student Athlete committed to helping others through effective time management, good sportsmanship and motivation.

Work History

05/2019 to Present


 - Howe, Blanda and Hagenes - Pollyberg, Arkansas

  • Exhibited excellent teamwork and a strong work ethic by promoting camaraderie.
  • Verified accuracy of score calculations before winners were announced.
  • Represented and endorsed clothing brand.
  • Appeared in a non-scripted educational video series sponsored by toy - koelpin.

06/2015 to 04/2019


 - Schumm, Simonis and Heathcote - South Kalebchester, Arkansas

  • Promoted good sportsmanship among players.
  • Demonstrated proper shoes and movies techniques for youngsters resulting in improved skills.
  • Administered budget and documented expenses.
  • Provided jewelery team coaching at school while developing and mentoring elite athletes.
  • Worked with lebanese pound and solutions coaches to develop a cohesive football program.

04/2012 to 10/2014


 - O'Hara, Tillman and Graham - Domenicamouth, Arkansas

  • Contributed articles to a monthly newsletter for student-athletes.
  • Evaluated student activities outside of football to assess behavior and academic eligibility.
  • Attended all practices, meetings and workouts on time.
  • Directed on-field offense of sports team.



Associate of Science - Military Science

 - Arkansas College - Kennyfort, Arkansas



 - New Garrisonmouth School - New Garrisonmouth, Arkansas


  • Self-motivated
  • Good judgement
  • Competitive
  • Weight management expert
  • Good eyesight
  • NCAA Division III, NEAC and CSE Rules knowledge
  • Adaptable
  • Microsoft Office


  • Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), certified by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)

Referee Resume Suggestions


  • Member, [Professional Organization Name], [Year] to Current
  • Member, Small Business Association (2008 - present)
  • Member, Alumni Association

Work Experiences

  • Collected daily reports for improved efficiency during games.
  • Explained and taught regulations and rules to players and coaches.
  • Developed strong framework and policies for an effective [Level] basketball program.
  • Encouraged everyone to cultivate strong work ethic by demonstrating diligence, patience and respect for others.
  • Elected to team's Leadership Council following freshman year.
  • Negotiated multiple annual sponsorship and bonus contracts with [Company].


  • Enthusiastic Student Athlete dedicated to pursuing goals, promoting team player mentality and performing well under pressure.
  • Capable Football Coach with a disciplined and organized approach. History of improving program operations and player performance over [Number]-year career in the field.
  • Student Athlete able to devote an average of [Number] hours per week to training, practices, meetings, travel and tournament competition while working towards a [Type] degree.
  • Focused Baseball Coach experienced in working with [Level] players to improve strength, skill and agility. Specializing in [Play Position] strategies.
  • Self-motivated athletic professional with extensive experience in leadership positions and working with teams. Abelt o manage time efficiently and work well under pressure.
  • Attentive [Job Title] experienced in play strategies, rules and standards of [Type] games. Capable of running games and special sporting events while monitoring players, coaches and officials to maintain compliance, efficient play and safety standards. Seek to offer knowledge and skills to challenging position with [Type] program.


  • Adaptable
  • [Activity Name] instructor
  • American College of Sports Medicine member
  • Former gymnast
  • Section proficiency
  • Good judgement


  • Collaborated with team of [Number] in the development of [Project name].
  • Documented and resolved [Issue] which led to [Results].
  • Attended multiple speaking engagements and public appearances as a representative of [Professional Sports Organization].
  • Increased sales [Number]% over [Timeframe].
  • Served as a [Company Name] spokesperson at national sporting and corporate events.
  • Ranked nationally in the top [Number] in basketball for blocked shots and blocks per game.


  • Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), certified by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)
  • Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)

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