What is the Salary for an RPA Developer?

Brandi Glass
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Many of the services people are familiar with today run with the help of Robotic Process Automation, or RPA. This technology allows developers to create and manage software robots that work alongside humans to enhance business processes, like processing orders on eCommerce sites.

But how in-demand is this technology, and what is the average RPA Developer salary in the current market? We’ll cover the basics of RPA Development and what you should know about this role before applying for jobs.

What is an RPA Developer?

RPA Developers design automation bots that make business processes more straightforward to manage. The bots transmit data, log into applications, calculate, copy data, and use keyboard shortcuts. The bots mimic human actions to perform redundant tasks, saving companies and employees time and effort.

RPA developers take on multiple roles that aren’t strictly part of typical development. They code, test, and program the bots and create a suitable environment for them to function. Even after successfully implementing these bots, RPA developers still need to continuously test and monitor the technology to keep it operating smoothly.

RPA developers identify the processes that need automation in their companies, design the process, create the bot, test it to ensure that it functions correctly, and deploy it. After deployment, RPA developers monitor the bot’s processes.

What Skills Does An RPA Developer Need?

As more companies start using RPA technology, developers must have multiple skills to manage their jobs’ business and development aspects. The top skills needed for RPA developers include:

  • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python
  • Computer Engineering
  • Coding and Web Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Process Management
  • RPA Platform Experience
  • Process Mapping
  • System Integration
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Intelligent Automation

As this field grows, RPA developers will gradually build bots that don’t need human intervention to function correctly. The skills of an RPA developer are in high demand as this field is growing in the United States and abroad.

Do RPA Developers Need Certifications or a College Degree?

Although it is not mandatory to have a college degree or certification to learn RPA development, employers may prefer candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Since the role involves processing deep technical knowledge, having a Computer Science degree allows you to gain leverage over other candidates when a company is hiring.

However, remember that a college degree cannot match long-term experience and career progress, as with many different fields. If you don’t have one but have worked in this industry with a track record of success, many employers forgo this requirement if you know what to do and do it well.

Certifications go a long way in helping you achieve your goal of becoming an RPA developer. You have free and paid options, including:

New methodologies and technologies in the RPA field make this a dynamic and exciting career option that won’t stagnate. You can take as many courses as possible to enhance your understanding of the field. For an extra edge, always try to update your knowledge annually to stay ahead of the competition.

How Much Does An RPA Developer Make?

RPA developers enjoy lucrative earnings that average in the six figures in the United States. We compiled a list of the average RPA developer salary in the US from multiple sources below:

  • Talent.com reports that the median RPA developer salary in the US is $105,750 annually
  • According to ZipRecruiter, the national average stands at $108,331 for RPA development
  • Payscale.com claims that the average annual salary for RPA developers is $76,126 a year with a base salary that ranges between $59,000 - $110,000
  • Udacity.com places the national average at $101,307 annually

The above figures don’t account for the highest earners, making this field profitable for developers who want to get into a high-demand industry. The more experience you have, and depending on your state, you can make a good income by being an RPA developer.

Does Being An RPA Developer Offer a Good Work-Life Balance?

Being an RPA developer gives you an excellent work-life balance if you work in a reputable company. Nowadays, more employers understand and listen to their workers’ needs. With a good pay scale and balanced work hours, you can make time for friends, family, hobbies, or additional education while you work in this field.

The only issue you should pay attention to is that you may need to sit for long hours in front of a screen. This position causes eye strain and back pain, the hallmark issues many developers have due to the circumstances of their jobs. However, these come with an easy fix. More companies have recreational areas and spaces where employees can decompress, stretch, and move around.

How Can You Apply to RPA Development Jobs?

Fortunately, many companies nowadays seek RPA developers to help them automate processes. The more the need for these services grows, the higher the chance of finding a job. One of the easiest ways to find an RPA development job is to look through online job portals. Companies continuously look for people who can help them achieve their goals, but it also depends on where they live.

States that have high technological industries need RPA developers more than states that don’t have this presence. For example, you may have more luck looking for RPA development jobs in high-volume states like California or New York. On the other hand, other states that don’t have the exact needs and industries won’t have as many opportunities.

You can be an RPA developer in many companies, not just those in the IT or tech industry. For example, the medical sector needs RPA developers as well. You can work in a major hospital or healthcare system. The same applies to corporations.

Besides going through online job sites, you can always check whether your desired company needs RPA developers using their internal hiring portal. Finally, if you cannot find a suitable position using your research, a recruiter or a hiring agency gets results and searches on your behalf.

Does An RPA Developer Need A Customized Resume?

Nowadays, having a lackluster resume full of errors and formatting issues prevents you from finding a good position as an RPA developer.

A customized RPA developer resume is your best option since it depicts effort and attention to detail.

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Instead of spending hours formatting and creating a resume that won’t make it past the Applicant Tracking System, you can expedite the process with a CV that won’t cause issues. If your CV cannot pass the ATS, it won’t reach a Hiring Manager’s hand.

Now that you know the average RPA developer salary and where to start looking, it’s time to create a resume highlighting your skills and experience.

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