Substitute Teacher Resume: Your Complete Guide

Brandi Glass
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Teacher teaching students about Geography using a Globe

In education, substitute teachers are pieces of a puzzle essential to continuous learning in the face of absences and emergencies. But getting hired as a substitute teacher relies on multiple factors, like applying with a professionally written, concise, and well-formatted resume.

A practical substitute teacher resume highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications without going overboard. Whether you are a lifelong pro or just stepping into the field, a substitute teacher resume that stands helps you get a call to interview.

This article covers how to write a professional substitute teacher resume example, with tips on what to include and omit for better results. Don’t forget to check our substitute teacher resume samples to help you understand how to approach this essential job-seeking tool correctly.

General Tips for Substitute Teacher Resumes

When you want to start on your resume, always start by looking at the jobs available and identifying what the employer wants. If you have the skills and experience, incorporate the verbiage of the job post into your resume – but only where it applies.

Clean Formatting

Clarity and readability are paramount to the selection process after your resume makes it to the hiring manager. Use headings and subheadings to create structure, guide the reader through the document, and ensure your font is clear and legible. You can skip this process when choosing a substitute teacher resume template from Rocket Resume. With thousands of formats that pass ATS software, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the database because of formatting issues.

Keep it Adaptable

Don’t be afraid to tweak your resume when applying to different positions, especially if you can teach multiple classes. Since every school and teaching position has different requirements, always read the job description multiple times to ensure that your substitute teacher resume aligns with these specifications.

Use Keywords

Using keywords from the job description increases your resume’s effectiveness. It prompts Applicant Tracking Systems to flag your resume for review. These systems are software applications that filter candidates based on keywords. Because employers rely on this software to see resumes, it is essential to use them when applicable to enhance your resume’s visibility.

Highlight What Makes You, You

Highlighting your experience and education is critical to your substitute teacher resume. Don’t just list what you did but also give examples of your achievements and impact. Besides your degree, you must include relevant certifications that validate your job qualifications.

Essential Components of a Substitute Teacher Resume Template

With the outline and a general idea of what you must include in your resume ready to go, it’s time to apply that through a substitute teacher resume example.

Jane Doe

Substitute Teacher (123) 456 7890

Professional Summary

Passionate, creative, and reliable substitute teacher with over 8 years of experience creating effective and positive learning environments, fostering curiosity, and maintaining classroom discipline. I deliver engaging lessons and ensure continuity during short and extended teacher absences. Seeking to apply my skills and experience to contribute to student success.


  • Classroom management
  • Writing
  • Time management
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Adaptable to various teaching styles
  • Proficient in educational technology
  • Creative problem-solver


Bachelor of Science in Education, Theoretical University, Oakland, California

Graduation Date: May 2015


Substitute Teacher - Oakland School District, Oakland, California - Sept 2017 – Present

  • Encouraged an open and productive classroom environment to encourage students to ask questions
  • Taught diverse classroom environments, including working with marginalized students
  • Created adaptable lesson plans for individual student needs, resulting in an average 10% improvement in students’ grades
  • Collaborated with teachers to ensure learning continuity
  • Utilized educational technology tools to enhance learning and engage students in class

Certifications and Licenses

  • California State Teaching Certification
  • First Aid Certified
  • CPR Certified

If you are unsure how to go about the formatting process, you can always use a substitute teacher resume template from Rocket Resume to expedite the process.

Tips for Writing Each Section of the Substitute Teacher Resume Template

Teacher Asking a Question to the Class

When you are working on a substitute teacher resume, carefully curate and review each section to ensure it effectively showcases your experience and gives a positive impression.


For the header, stick with a concise presentation. Include your full name and contact details, omitting your home address. It’s better to use larger or bolded font for your name to help it stand out.

Professional Summary

The substitute teacher resume profile or professional summary should provide a snapshot of your career, effectively pitching you as the best fit for the role. Your substitute teacher resume objective should clearly state your career goals and their alignment with the job you’re applying for.

If you don’t have experience, you can write a concise statement that gives potential employers a snapshot of your capabilities. For a new substitute teacher position, you could write: “Adaptable substitute teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and two years of experience seeking to gain experience and leverage his skills in classroom management and learning continuity.”


In the skills section, include your most relevant abilities for the substitute teacher position. The substitute teacher skills resume section should match the skills outlined in the job posting. Skills like classroom management, adaptability, effective communication, and familiarity with educational technology are all essential requirements in schools.

Remember to ensure your skills match the job description since this increases your chances of bypassing ATS systems with no issues. It’s not about listing all your skills but the most relevant ones for better results.


In this section, always start with your most recent degree and work backward. Include the degree name, the university or college, and the graduation date. If you recently graduated, you can include relevant coursework or academic achievements.


The experience section is where you get to showcase your career accomplishments. If possible, focus on your achievements and your impact on students, their progress, and the school.

For example, let’s assume you want an elementary substitute teacher resume. If so, focus on skills and experiences relevant to teaching young children, like patience, creativity, and explaining complex concepts simply.

In the substitute teacher responsibilities resume section, you should highlight how you managed classroom environments, adapted lesson plans, and contributed to student learning in past roles.

Licensing and Certifications

Include relevant teaching certifications, first aid qualifications, and additional courses in your resume.

Volunteering and Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities highlight your transferable skills and commitment to community engagement. Whether you volunteer at a shelter or participate in educational initiatives, use these activities to show a well-rounded view of your capabilities.

How to Customize Your Substitute Teacher Resume Template for Specific Jobs

Customizing your resume to fit specific substitute teacher positions is essential in the job application process. When you analyze the job description, take note of the key skills, qualifications, and responsibilities listed. These guide understanding what the employer is seeking and help you adjust your application accordingly.

It’s not just the experience you can tweak; your professional summary can also align with the job posting. If the job posting emphasizes the need for a substitute teacher with experience in a special needs classroom, your summary could be: “Experienced substitute teacher with a strong background in special needs education, looking to improve and enhance my skills in a supportive learning environment.”

Customizing your resume for different substitute teacher positions requires understanding each role’s unique needs. For instance, if you’re applying for a long-term substitute position, emphasize your ability to develop and execute lesson plans over an extended period. If it’s a position in a bilingual school, highlight your language skills if you are bi or trilingual.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Crafting a Strong Substitute Teacher Resume

A strong resume goes beyond listing your experience and can tell much about your habits. A resume with grammatical errors or typos may project that you lack attention to detail. That’s why it’s important to proofread once you finish formatting to ensure you don’t have typos.

To add weight to your experience, quantify your achievements. Quantifying your experience shows that you’re results-driven and have a legitimate impact on your workplace.

Aim for a clean layout with professional and legible font while ensuring enough spacing between segments to keep it easy on the eyes. Once you submit your resume, follow up a week later if you do not hear back. Following up signifies your interest and keeps you visible.

An entry-level or substitute teacher resume with no experience should focus on transferable skills, relevant coursework, and any practicum or volunteer experience related to teaching. A long-term substitute teacher job description for resume success underscores your ability to develop and follow long-term lesson plans, coordinate with teachers, and maintain classroom continuity over an extended period. Craft your resume to match each job posting, and make sure your passion for teaching shines through.

How to Apply for Substitute Teacher Jobs

Substitute Teacher Resume Rocket Resume

The first step is having a well-crafted resume from Rocket Resume. With thousands of templates and intuitive tools, you can have a stellar resume in minutes, guaranteed to pass Applicant Tracking Systems without issues.

The “substitute teacher resume job description” and “substitute teacher duties resume” sections are critical for aligning your application to the employer’s expectations. Always read the job description thoroughly and tweak your resume to match the duties and responsibilities, omitting irrelevant information.

Once the resume is ready, it’s time to apply for jobs using the tools accessible to you. Traditional avenues for job searches, like local school district websites and online job boards, are effective for new substitute teachers. Most school districts have dedicated employment sections on their websites where they post vacancies, including positions for substitute teachers. Additionally, national job search websites like LinkedIn frequently list substitute teaching positions.

You can also take advantage of specialized education job sites like SchoolSpring because they focus specifically on jobs in the education sector. Contacting charter schools, private schools, and tutoring centers offers additional options. While these might operate differently from public school districts, they often need substitute teachers or tutors to fill in gaps.

Networking opportunities are essential to receive a heads-up about upcoming and open positions. Teachers can also recommend you if they leave and need a substitute to help their students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to put substitute teacher on a resume?

List your role under your name in the header and as a title in the experience section. Include the school’s name, location, and tenure at the schools you worked in. You can also highlight key responsibilities and achievements in bullet points.

What should a substitute teacher put on a resume?

Although it is wise to incorporate terms from the job description, you also have to have the experience to write it down.

It’s essential to include your education, certifications, experience, skills, and volunteer or extracurricular activities related to teaching. Try to omit irrelevant information from the document, and don’t forget to ensure that you have the skills that you listed.

How to describe substitute teachers on a resume?

Describe your role as a substitute teacher by focusing on duties performed and achievements. For example, mention how you adapted lesson plans, managed classrooms, or improved student engagement.

Show your flexibility and capabilities for the best results, but don’t exaggerate your accomplishments. You want to reflect that you know what you are doing, not that you can do it all because it would be unrealistic and sets high expectations.

What to list on resume for job requirement of a substitute teacher?

For job requirements, list your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications. If the job requires specific skills or certifications, highlight them on your resume. You can place them in the experience section and in the professional summary.

How many previous jobs to put on a resume for a substitute teacher?

Try to include no more than the last 3-5 relevant positions you had on your resume. You don’t have to include every position you hold unless they are relevant to the advertised position. Your resume should not be too long as it distracts the recruiter, and they may not read it all. Aim for a maximum of two pages as a rule of thumb.

What skills can I put on my resume as a substitute teacher?

Some key skills for a substitute teacher might include communication, leadership, time management, classroom management, lesson plan adaptation, patience, and creativity.

How to add experience as a substitute teacher on a resume?

Add your previous responsibilities under the ‘Experience’ section of your substitute teacher resume. List each position separately, including the school’s name, location, work dates, and bullet points describing your achievements.

What should my objective be on my resume as a substitute teacher?

Your objective should reflect your career goals as a substitute teacher, stating your desire to apply your skills and experiences to maintain educational continuity and foster a positive learning environment.