Scrum Master Resume: Your Complete Guide

Brandi Glass
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A carefully crafted scrum master resume is critical to being invited to interview. Your resume needs to demonstrate that you’re the ideal fit for the role. It should highlight your unique skills and experiences, while also being tailored to the company and team in question. Don’t forget that it must also be machine-readable and easy to quickly scan.

Writing an excellent resume isn’t easy, which is why you should start with a scrum master resume template. Rocket Resume’s resume templates contain recruiter-approved phrasing for essential scrum master skills and accomplishments.

Keep reading as we explore what you need to include in your resume, how to adapt a resume template and other essential resume-building tips.

General Tips for Scrum Master Resumes

Let’s start with some resume-writing 101.

Whether you build a resume from scratch or use a template, it’s important to customize it to the job posting. Make sure to include any key skills, qualifications and specialisms.

More and more recruiters are using applicant tracking systems to filter out applicants that don’t have the required skills. These systems search for keywords and discard any resumes that don’t include them. Use the exact phrasing from the job listing so you can ensure that you’ve got the right keywords for scrum master resume.

On average, recruiters spend fewer than eight seconds reviewing a resume. Make their work easier by submitting a well-formatted and organized resume. The more white space, the better. Use standard margins, line spacing and font sizes. If you’re unsure about which font size to use, adapt scrum master resume examples.

Bullet-point lists will improve readability while allowing you to highlight relevant experience and education. A traditional font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, will also ensure that recruiters focus on what you’ve written rather than what your resume looks like.

Essential Components of a Scrum Master Resume Template

Let’s take a look at a scrum master resume example.

Annie Xample

(123) 456-7890

Objective Statement

Certified Scrum Master with excellent management skills looking to develop a career in sports tech.


  • Team leadership
  • Knowledge of Scrum (certified Scrum Master)
  • Agile software development
  • Training


West Virginia University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: General Business


Scrum Master, ADG LLC, October 2020–present

  • Lead team of 20 engineers
  • Deliver product improvements that have led to a 17% rise in YOY revenue
  • Increased team productivity by 23% in 2022


Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II),

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I),

Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities

Volunteer Coach, Charleston Under 15 Netball Team, June 2021–present

  • Train players
  • Design game strategy
  • Utilize Scrum methodology to inspire better training results

Tips for Writing Each Section of the Scrum Master Resume Template

scrum master team leader

Our resume templates will make sure that your scrum master resume contains all the essential sections. Use these tips to help you customize them so that your resume catches a recruiter’s eye.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Contact Details

Use your name as the resume title, and then beneath that, add your email address and phone number. Make sure your email address is professional. We recommend using your name or initials. You can also choose to add your LinkedIn account or other relevant social media handles.

Ignore any scrum master resume samples that feature photos. In the US in particular, this is highly taboo and can lead to your resume being automatically discarded. You should also leave off your date of birth, gender, age and any other protected characteristics.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Objective Statement

Your scrum master resume summary or objective statement is your chance to tell recruiters who you are and why you’re applying for the role.

Be concise. Keep this section under four sentences. If you look at a scrum master resume example, you’ll also notice that your personal pronouns are typically left off the resume. Instead, start each sentence with a noun, adjective, or verb, e.g.: \

  • Scrum Master with…
  • Experienced Scrum Master with…
  • Seeking the opportunity to grow…

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Skills Section

The skills section demonstrates that you have the required aptitudes for the role. Use bullet points to list four to eight essential skills.

Not sure what to include in your scrum master skills resume? Make sure to use the skills in the job description. Recruiters also want to see scrum master skills such as Jira, Agile and Intercom. Important soft skills include coaching, product management and leadership.

Some scrum master resume samples include graphics to demonstrate your level of aptitude with each skill. We recommend against this. Graphics can be hard for potential employers to understand, they’re not machine-readable and the formatting may be lost if your document is opened with a different program.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Experience Section

List your previous roles in chronological order, making sure to include your job title, the company name and your start and end date. Underneath each role, add a bullet point list of your main responsibilities and accomplishments. Start each bullet point with a strong verb.

Potential scrum master roles and responsibilities resume include: \

  • Lead team meetings
  • Coach colleagues
  • Use Scrum principles
  • Facilitate team’s project delivery

If you’re writing a scrum master resume with no experience, highlight transferable skills from your past, unrelated jobs and internships.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Education Section

List your degree or certificate title and your school name. You can also include the year of graduation and your GPA if you wish to, although these details aren’t required.

Some scrum master resume examples place the education section above the experience section. This is best for an entry level scrum master resume. If you’ve already got scrum master experience, move the education section below the experience section.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Certifications and Licenses

If you’ve got scrum master, Agile or Jira certification, include it here. State the certificate title and awarding body. If your certification or license will expire, add the expiration date as well.

Scrum Master Resume Tips: Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities

You don’t need to mention your hobbies or volunteer experiences on your resume. However, if they’re relevant to the role you’re applying for, consider including them. Doing so can demonstrate your passion for the role or sector, especially if you’re just starting your professional career.

How to Customize Your Scrum Master Resume Template for Specific Jobs

If you want to convince recruiters that you’re the ideal candidate for the role, you’ll need to spend time customizing your scrum master resume template for each application.

Begin by analyzing the scrum master job description for your resume. This will enable you to identify the skills and qualifications that recruiters value the most. If a job listing emphasizes communication with stakeholders, for example, include "stakeholder communication" in your skills section

The objective statement, skills and experience sections are the ideal places to customize your resume. Let’s look at how you could do this for a project manager scrum master resume where the job posting includes “Agile” and “project delivery” keywords. In the experience section, you could have a bullet point stating “Facilitated Agile planning and scrum ceremonies for a team of 10 developers, resulting in a 15% increase in project delivery efficiency.”

Customizing your resume also involves tailoring it to your seniority level. A senior scrum master resume might focus more on strategic leadership and large-scale project management. In contrast, a junior scrum master resume could highlight teamwork, learning experiences and specific Agile practices.

Use specialized scrum master resume examples for inspiration. Reviewing a technical scrum master resume sample can help you write an Agile scrum master resume, for example, or a scrum master resume with Jira certification.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Crafting a Strong Scrum Master Resume

Before you click send on your scrum master job application, review your resume one last time.

Can you add more evidence of your achievements? Wherever possible, include data, e.g. “reduced errors by 31%” or “streamlined communications leading to a 17% increase in productivity.”

It’s also important to strike the right balance between being visually attractive and reader-friendly. While there are plenty of flashy scrum master resume samples online, graphics and multiple columns can be distracting. Make sure your resume looks as good printed out in grayscale as it does on your computer screen.

Check for typos, inconsistent fonts and line spacing, and tense changes. Save your file as “Your Name Resume.”

After you’ve applied for the role, follow up via email. This will make your application more memorable.

How to Apply for Scrum Master Jobs

scrum master resume template

When you’re ready to begin your job hunt, start searching for roles on websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, as well as more niche platforms such as CrunchBoard or WeWorkRemotely. Networking at professional events and in online groups can also lead to job opportunities. Plus, you should check the careers pages of companies that you know adopt Agile methodologies.

Once you’ve found roles that interest you, customize a scrum master resume template. Our scrum master resume builder will guide you through selecting the ideal structure and skill sets, as well as showcase your ability to lead and motivate teams, manage risks and resolve conflicts.

You might need a cover letter to accompany your scrum master resume in some instances. If so, keep it succinct. Explain why you're interested in the role and how your experiences align with the job requirements.

Before you send off your application, take the time to review your social media profiles, particularly LinkedIn. Recruiters often check these for further insights into your qualifications and professional identity. Showcase your Agile and Scrum knowledge, your certifications and notable projects.

The last step in applying for scrum master roles is preparing for interviews. Review common interview questions and practice answering them. Buy a new interview outfit if needed, and iron it the night before.

With your polished resume and thorough interview preparation, you’ll be able to walk into your scrum master job interviews with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to List Scrum Master Certification on Resume?

Create a certifications and licenses section for your scrum master certification. Don’t forget to include the certification title, awarding body and, if relevant, level and expiration date. You don’t need to add the year you achieved your certification, but you could add the number of hours of study.

How to Add Scrum Master Certification to Resume?

When crafting a certified scrum master resume, include your certification title and the awarding body. If relevant, you should also add the level and expiry date. You can include this in the certifications and licenses section of your resume.

How to Put Scrum Master on Resume?

Make sure to include your scrum master certification under the certifications and licenses section of your resume. You can also mention it in your objective statement and, if you’ve held scrum master as a job title, the experience section.

When Can I Put Certified Scrum Master on My Resume?

You can put certified scrum master on your resume when you’ve been awarded certification — assuming, of course, it hasn’t expired! List your certification under the certification and licenses section, and add “certified scrum master” to your objective statement.

How Many Years are Recruiters Looking for a Scrum Master Resume?

You might think that the more years you’ve spent as a professional scrum master, the better, but recruiters aren’t just looking for experience. If you can show that you have the skills required for the role, you can land a scrum master position without any previous experience.

How to Show Scrum Master Certification on Resume Example?

Here’s a certified scrum master resume example that you can adapt to showcase your own certification: “Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III),”

If you want to build an eye-catching scrum master resume that highlights your skills and experience, you need a strong resume template. Our scrum master sample resumes were crafted with input from recruiters, plus our resume builder will give you personalized tips. You can craft a winning resume in under 10 minutes, so get started now.