Basketball Coach Salary Expectations at All Levels of Play

Brandi Glass
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A Man Coaching a Team of Women

Basketball coaches are hardworking professionals that help athletes improve their game, skills, and confidence. They work in several places like schools, for individual teams, and even independently.

Although basketball coaching seems straightforward and maybe even simple, it’s not for everyone. Besides being physically fit, you must love the game and be passionate about teaching others to get the best results.

If you’re thinking about becoming a basketball coach, read on. We’ll cover the fundamental roles and responsibilities these professionals take on daily. We’ll review the average basketball coach salary at all levels of play to ensure you have the correct information to make a sound and intelligent decision for your career.

What Does the Role of a Basketball Coach Entail?

There are good basketball coaches, and then there are basketball coaches that take the game and their teams to the next level.

Basketball coaches play a significant role in the lives of the players they train and the institutions they work within. Since basketball coaches spend so much time with their teams, they develop a bond that lasts for years and helps players improve their skills and strategy.

Basketball coaches work hard to ensure that the teams they train are in-sync and even resolve issues that arise between players. Besides these fundamental functions, basketball coaches also perform other roles such as:

  • Coordinating practice times with their teams to ensure everyone can participate
  • Working with players one-on-one to get their skills up to par with the rest of their peers
  • Create new strategies that their teams can apply on the court
  • Teach players about solid ethics, morals, and respect on and off the court
  • Motivating team members when they do not feel their best
  • Making decisions that affect the entire team
  • Preventing and assessing player injuries
  • Sharing the love and passion of the game with players and teaching them about good sportsmanship and friendly competition

Most basketball players have excellent relationships with their coaches that extend for a lifetime. This position is advantageous and allows coaches to make friends for life – or even watch one of the people they coached go on and play in the professional leagues.

How Much is the Average Basketball Coach Salary?

Basketball coaches enjoy lucrative salaries, especially if they coach for high-ranking college and high school teams.

  • The average basketball coach salary is $49,435 in the United States
  • The average college basketball coach salary is up to $60,000 a year
  • The average high school basketball coach salary is $43,800 annually
  • Top earners make $92,822 annually, with the potential for higher earnings in private institutions and clubs.

Basketball coaches that work with colleges make much more than these amounts, and their salaries are in the millions. For example, these salaries can start at a couple of million and go up to 9 million annually.

Like all positions, the salary you’re getting depends on where you work, the years of experience you have under your belt, and whether you have relevant degrees and certifications.

Where Do Basketball Coaches Work?

It depends on the ages of the athletes that you are comfortable coaching. Basketball coaches can work in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, and colleges. You can also opt to work with a private gym or professional sports organizations.

Some basketball coaches only train one-on-one, while others work with teams of athletes. You may work in multiple places at once based on your capacity and expertise.

Is Being a Basketball Coach a Good Career Opportunity?

Working as a basketball coach is an excellent opportunity for someone with a passion for the game and the patience and people skills to work with others. If you fit that description, being a basketball coach becomes not only a job but also an enjoyable career that helps you and your athletes gain recognition. If you don’t have the communication skills to work with people, this may not be your ideal career path. Coaching needs enthusiasm, patience, passion, and someone who understands people and how to deal with stress.

If in doubt, speak to a local basketball coach you know and ask about the specifics of the job and their day-to-day. Someone already in the industry gives you valuable insight that you won’t get elsewhere.

Is There Longevity in this Position?

Suppose you want to make a successful and rewarding career out of basketball coaching. In the early stages of your job, you can start as a PE teacher or coach a school’s basketball team. In that case, you can expect longevity and advancement in this position over time.

Once your career takes off, you can progress and coach bigger teams in higher high schools or colleges once your job takes off. You can also work as an athletic director or head coach if you’re serious about this career and go the licensing route. The more successful your strategy and the better you lead your athletes, the higher the chance of getting better positions and pay.

Do You Need a License to Work as a Basketball Coach?

The USAB offers coaching licenses and the chance to train in a coaching academy. Although it’s not a must, getting a license elevates your coaching expertise. It gives you multiple opportunities to earn higher and attend national events. Some of the perks of having a basketball coaching license include:

  • Having a recognized affiliation that helps you in your career
  • Receiving helpful guidance on coaching safety and education
  • Having coaching insurance
  • More resources for you and your athletes to benefit from
  • Opportunities to network with other coaches during events
  • A chance to compete in and administer official events

The more time you invest in your coaching career and skills, the better opportunities you have to succeed in your job and progress to better coaching jobs over time.

Do You Need a Degree to Work as a Basketball Coach?

Most basketball coaches have at least a high school diploma or GED to start coaching. However, for more prestigious institutions, you may need a relevant bachelor’s degree in sports management or medicine, kinesiology, or physical education.

If you have a particular place you want to start working, you can find their requirements online and adjust your goals to meet the criteria.

How Do You Format a Basketball Coach resume?

Now that you know the average basketball coach salary and understand what qualifications and licenses you need, it’s time to format your resume.

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