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Josianne Hayes

Career Objective

Skilled Work with commercial lenders to meet sales goals. Updated address and other alumni contact information in database for future mailings and newsletters.

Work History

7/15 to Present

Second Assistant Director - Weimann Inc - Lake Ruthie, Illinois

  • Communicated with parts department to obtain needed parts.
  • Managed day-to-day operations and maintenance of equipment in computers department.
  • Accurately entered data into batch ticketing system using hat.
  • Ranked in top 17% for customer satisfaction among 9 competing direct.
  • Streamlined
  • Responded to emergency situations quickly that arose following illegal excavations and provided effective remediation.
  • Chose suitable music for various vocal types and organized rehearsals to ensure performer’s readiness.

12/13 to 7/15

Second Assistant Director - Kuhn Group - North Tracey, Illinois

  • Communicated effectively with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs and other special requests.
  • Prepared routine legal correspondence and memoranda for attorney partners.
  • Exercised and practiced under direction of athletic trainers or professional coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition and prepare for competitions.
  • Coordinated with team to determine best use of drivers according to load type and planned routes.

12/11 to 10/13

Second Assistant Director - Vandervort LLC - Arianeland, Illinois

  • Explained features and capabilities of home offerings to customers to promote understanding and maximize benefit of merchandise.
  • Identified issues promptly and notified second assistant director immediately regarding potential project delays.
  • Monitored golf shop for overall cleanliness 16 times per shift, straightening up items as needed.
  • Mentored second assistant director to align performance with core music values and encourage career development.



Bachelor of Science - Behavioral Sciences - Illinois University - South Flaviefurt, Illinois


GED - East Macie School - East Macie, Illinois


  • Food preparation
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Data analysis
  • User interface understanding
  • Team leadership
  • Materials preparation


  • Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)

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  • Deadline-oriented
  • Pragmatic
  • Results-oriented, conceptual thinking IntelaTrac super user with expertise in staff training and development, employee management, heavy equipment operation.
  • Experience
  • Client-focused
  • Worked on films screened at Asians on Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Tri-Cities Fantastic Fest, and Mile High Horror Film Festival.


  • Protective Services: Applied safety procedures and policies as outlined in Department Safety Manual.
  • Used Microsoft Excel to develop inventory tracking spreadsheets.
  • Leadership: Served as key contributing member to Leadership team.
  • Monitored
  • Launched
  • Consistently received positive feedback from parents.


  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), certified by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)


  • Hardware evaluation
  • Pricing tool development
  • Client assessment and analysis
  • Self-motivated
  • Code validation skills
  • Budgeting and finance


  • Member, Small Business Association (2008 - present)
  • Member, Alumni Association
  • Professional Convention Management Association
  • Member, [Professional Organization Name], [Year] to Current
  • Professional Women’s Network, Treasurer 2002-2004

Work Experiences

  • Documented
  • Developed
  • Performed [Timeframe] testing on aircraft armament control systems in accordance with maintenance regulations.
  • Chose suitable music for vocal types and organized rehearsals to prepare members for performances.
  • Successfully led key projects which resulted in [positive outcome].
  • Communicated with parts department to obtain needed parts.

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