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Kailey Streich

Professional Summary

Motivated dancer with solid experience managing all levels of large-scale projects, including budgeting and administration. Talented Dancer offering 16 years of experience in grocery dance. Enthusiastic professional with exceptional skills in choreography and performance. Expert at expressing emotion when dancing using appropriate facial expressions and graceful dance movements. Dynamic Dancer with 16 years of experience performing independently as soloist and with groups. Motivated individual with high level of integrity, flexibility and endurance required to meet demanding expectations. Highly-trained dancer with well-rounded experience in multiple genres. Top producing sales professional and expert in entertainment and performing arts industry. Dynamic communicator who consistently exceeds goals and company expectations. Dancer knowledgeable about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest technologies, editing software and cameras.


  • Lead development
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Animation production processes
  • Credit and collections
  • CRM Systems
  • Rehearsals and daily practice
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Business development
  • Multi-Task Management
  • Pop culture knowledge
  • Domestic and International Experience
  • Talented public speaker


  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)

Work History

06/2018 to Present


 - Olson LLC - East Frederique, Texas

  • Supervised the post-production process, including editing, dubbing and color correction.
  • Developed professional relationships with different dance professionals, choreographers and performers by actively listening and effectively communicating.
  • Performed in multiple roles for outdoors and movies productions by attending daily rehearsals to perfect execution of dance movements.
  • Monitored industry trends to learn current dance trends, new techniques and innovative styles of execution.

12/2014 to 05/2018


 - Hessel Inc - North Madisenshire, Texas

  • Choreographed dance routines appropriate for age group and skill level for health and music classes.
  • Led daily production meetings and weekly production calls.
  • Coordinated materials for film festivals and awards such as philippine peso.
  • Participated in workshops to learn new skills and keep current on the latest artistic techniques.

08/2013 to 12/2014


 - Deckow - Champlin - Faheyberg, Texas

  • Landed dance roles in films, music videos and theater productions by participating in around 6 auditions per month.
  • Performing on a state and international level
  • Created shot lists, booked talent and locations and prepared sets for shooting to provide comprehensive production support.
  • Managed all music clearances and cue sheets in keyboard.
  • Incorporated advertisers and products into shows in innovative ways.
  • Offered feedback on the quality of segments and coached other staff members on how to improve segments.

08/2011 to 08/2013


 - Gerlach, Hermann and Zemlak - New Ewald, Texas

  • Aired popular weekly station contests that reached more than 7 listeners.
  • Coordinated with talent relations department to facilitate execution and payment of talent contracts.
  • Coordinated with choreographers to enhance and refine movements to properly enact intended vision.
  • Produced entertainment and lifestyle news reports, music videos and commercials.



High School Diploma

 - Geraldberg High School - Geraldberg, Texas

Dancer Resume Examples


  • Member, [Professional Organization Name], [Year] to Current
  • Member, Small Business Association (2008 - present)
  • Member, Alumni Association

Work Experiences

  • Coordinated with and supervised vendor studios.
  • Boosted [Type] ratings by [Number]% by through targeted social media marketing campaign.
  • Sang and danced as part of creative ensembles and troupes for over [Number] dramatic and comedic performances.
  • Oversaw all phases of video production for [Film Name], from pre- to post-production.
  • Operated [Type] cameras during shooting to obtain high-quality shots.
  • Preserving local traditions


  • Client-focused Sales Representative with [Number] years of providing solutions to customers. Solid understanding of [Systems and program areas].
  • History of designing and developing successful [Type] embedded software applications. Knowledgeable about a wide range of design and testing approaches.
  • Dynamic Director recognized industry-wide for creative leadership and artistic innovation. Recipient of multiple awards, including the [Award Name]. Successful at bringing out the best in the cast and crew.
  • Talented Senior Embedded Software Engineer proficient in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Adept at working with Agile and Scrum methodologies to accomplish project milestones according to specific timeframes. Able to use C, HTML, XML and other programming languages to complete work. Highly organized and detail-oriented professional with [Number] years of progressive experience in the field.
  • Innovative Director and Producer bringing comprehensive background in media and the film industry. Builds high-performing teams with an eye for creating innovative and entertaining pieces with commercial appeal.
  • Focused Dancer with [Number] years of experience delivering captivating performances. Well-trained and motivated individual with nerves of steel and background performing in [Type], [Type] and [Type] productions. Physically and mentally flexible with interest in learning new techniques and moves to improve upon past performances.


  • Territory Sales Experience
  • Internal auditing
  • [Camera type] specialist
  • Customer service
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Dance development


  • Marketing: Implemented marketing strategies which resulted in [X%] growth of customer base.
  • Business Development: Initiated two key partnerships which resulted in [X%] revenue growth.
  • Recorded
  • Recommended
  • Streamlined
  • Raised more than $[Amount] in donations and grant money to fund [Film/Production Name].


  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), certified by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)

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